Why Your Ad Just Isn’t Working (and why I’m making fun of it)

Advertising Screw Up’s

Have you ever done an advertising campaign to have it simply flop? Not a single reply, maybe even a negative response or two?

Sometimes in our haste to get the cheapest ad, or be the first to have an ad in place, we forget to look at some of the important points in ad placement and relevance.

Lesson One: The Where and With lesson

It’s an honest mistake, not taking the time to check where you ad is going to be displayed, and who else is being displayed on the same page. If you’re going neck to neck with your top competitor, is that going to make you shine or put you down? It’s not very unlikely people are going to contact both of you (unless it’s the yellow pages). So make sure you’re not next to your worst enemy unless your ad is ready to put them to shame.

Bad Ad Placement

Brilliant isn’t it?

It’s such an easy mistake to make, and if someone had just taken a minute to ask what else was being advertised, this image wouldn’t be making its rounds on the ‘net.

Tip: Never Assume

http://www.nikeairmaxfreedom.com cheap nike air maxLesson Two: The What

In the age of online advertising where it only takes a few minutes to fire up an AdWords campaign with Google using thousands of different ads targeted at niche markets and search engine results. Make sure you do due diligence before setting it live.

The first time I saw this, a friend sent me a Google search for “cavador”. Top of the list was an E-Bay ad promising a wide selection of human remains and cavador’s for sale. New and used!

Gently Used Diapers on E-Bay
‘Slightly Stained’

Tip: Don’t be an idiot, read it over, then click

Lesson Three: Know your market

Due diligence can save a lot of grief when you are working with a market or potential audience that you can’t personally relate to 100%.

One of the more famous mistranslations had Coors, an American brewer losing its edge in Spain when their hip phrase “Turn It Loose” came out as “Get Diarrhea”.

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  2. Yukari Says:

    Does anyone know where that billboard (McDonalds) was located and when??

    And any other info about that billboard, please post!

  3. Ed Loveless Says:

    I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that based on the exchange code (can’t read the area code) on the sign behind the billboard, that it may be somewhere in Illinois.

  4. Yukari Says:

    Thanks for the info :)

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